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About us

The Scandinavian Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa at the University of Copenhagen was initiated in 1986 as an outcome of the recommendations by an international panel evaluating 'Danish Hydrobiology'. The recommendation was supported by the Science Faculty at the University of Copenhagen and the Danish National Science Foundation.

The Culture Collection, hereafter known as SCCAP, was originally based on the collection of algal cultures set in the 1950s and 1960s by Tyge Christensen. Many of his cultures, e.g. Vaucheria spp., are still maintained in the collection.

The SCCAP presently comprises more than 1000 strains (c. 285 genera and 531 species) with representatives from most algal divisions. 865 strains are available to the public.

The Collection contains in particular marine nanoplankton flagellates, benthic marine brown and green algae, and a growing number of dinoflagellates.

The SCCAP is headed by Dr. Gert Hansen (Curator).

Diversity of SCCAP strains

Diversity of SCCAP strains